Jean-Manuel Benoist


In parallel to my profession of woodworker and cabinet maker, I have always practiced drawing and sculpture. Now I am interested in exploring different techniques (drawing, engraving, assembling, sculpture, molding, melting …), in experimenting multiple materials (plaster, wood, plastic, resin, bronze), and I question new graphic forms.

I like that material be animated by intentions, that intentions penetrate entirely in the material without bluff or flashy, I do not avoid the real and the human, and wish it to stay at the center of the work, so that sculpture provokes an emotional encounter.                           I cast my bronzes and apply the patina by myself.                                                                                     in my littles solid bronzes, I am attracted by the dynamic of bodies, their confrontation, their endless complexity, I am looking for maintain the internal energy, to crystallize it, and sometime I like adding some semi-precious stones by mounting.

I like the idea that there is an enigma somewhere in my work, something restrained, secret.

"A sculpture is not an object, it is an interrogation, a question, an answer                                     she can be neither finished nor perfect"                                                                                             Giacometti


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